Medical consulting for Companies

Occupational Safety and Health Committee (ASA)

Operational inspections

Prevention in the workplace

  • Ergonomics Consulting

Examination, prevention and aptitude diagnostics

Mandatory, offered and desired pension provision in accordance with the DGUV principles

  • Working in Noise burden (G20)
  • Working with Skin load (G24)
  • Work which cause respiratory affection(G26)
  • Working abroad (G35)
  • Computer workstations check (G37)
  • Prevention of activities involving a risk of infection (G42)

Aptitude tests:

  • driving, control and monitoring activities (G25)
  • Working in oxygen-reduced atmosphere (G28)
  • Working with danger of falling (G41)

Traffic Medicine

Medical certificates for driving license


C1, C1E, CE

D1, D1E, DE